Aeration Filters

Iron and Manganese Aeration Filters

Iron & manganese causes a reddish or brown stain on sanitary ware, clogs pipes and builds up in storage tanks. Clothes never look as clean as they should – especially whites – and guidelines for drinking water state that water should not contain more than 200ug/ltr.

Iron can be treated in a number of different ways and most involve oxidising (rusting) the water to make the filtration process easier. Individual cases will differ depending on iron levels, ph, dissolved oxygen, etc, requiring a water test to determine the correct solution.

The aeration filter removes iron, manganese, sulfur, and corrects the pH to neutral (pH 7.0). The filter precipitates and oxidizes the iron, manganese, and sulfur, and filters the minerals out of the water.

Iron free water tastes better, clothes and sanitary ware are cleaner, and time spent on housework is reduced.

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