Custom Built Water Solutions provides a unique service in its Custom Built Water Solutions section. We believe that not every water problem can be solved with the same standard Water Filter or Water Softener.  It is for this reason that our company stands out from the rest in terms of Quality and Reliable service.

We will build a custom built solution tailored to address your problems, to ensure maximum protection against the same problem occurring again. We provide a long term solution not an initial stop gap solution. provide a free site survey to ensure we can provide you with the perfect solution.

Custom-made end-to-end solutions & systems to suit your project

We can provide custom-made water solutions to suit your specific building, council and water requirements.

Unique Child Safe Design

Over the last decade, as rainwater tanks entered the urban environment, a need was seen for families and children to be protected against accidental backyard drownings. Talk to Hydrotech about our safety solutions.

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