Are you happy with your water? Ask any home owner if they are happy with their raw water supply and most will shake their heads in disgust! The good news is that usually, it can be rectified easily enough.

The most common issues include Water Hardness, Taste and Odour

  • Hardness (lime) is a major problem for home-owners as it stains and causes “scale” build-up over time, which is both unsightly and difficult to remove requiring hours of additional house work cleaning sinks, showers, taps, etc.
  • Taste, this varies across the country
  • Odour can be very unsettling

Other issues caused by hard water include:

  • Increased heating costs
  • Waste of cleaning products (up to 55%)
  • Appliances breaking down or needing replacement long before they are due
  • Skin complaints not clearing up / worsening due to  hard water irritatio


An ion exchange water softener usually solves the problem. The size will depend on water hardness and water usage.

Soft water has lots of benefits:

  • Skin, hair & clothes are softer and cleaner
  • Cleaning products and detergent usage is reduced (up to 55%)
  • Tea, coffee and food tastes better
  • Appliances last a lot longer and work more efficiently
  • Pipes and hot systems remain scale free reducing heating costs

Once you have experienced soft water in your home we truly believe you will not want to live without it!

A good quality filter can make this possible and we have systems to suit every household and budget.

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