Hydrotech has been working with industrial customers in Ireland and overseas for the last two decades in that time we have designed and built water treatment solutions in all sectors from simple softeners to high output reverse osmosis and UV systems.

A simple consultation may save your company thousands as we take all aspects of your water consumption (and wastage) into consideration and provide a cost effective solution with ROI in a short term.

  • Discoloured water
  • Iron and Manganese
  • Nitrate & Arsenic removal
  • Excessive bacterial & e-coli counts
  • Hard water
  • Low pH
  • Taste & smell issues
Industrial and Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Industrial Products and Services


Hydrotech supply build and install water softeners capable of delivering up 30m3 p/h all have high grade resins and come with a choice of valves in Clack, Siata and Autotrol. All softeners are custom built and can be duplex or simplex.


Filtration will vary depending on raw water condition simple filters will remove silt, suspended solids, chlorine, certain organics and odour.


Ultraviolet systems offer protection from bacteria without the need for chemicals. Systems range in capacity from 20lpm to50m3 p/h. Pre-treatment is essential.

Reverse Osmosis & DI

We offer a range of custom built RO and DI systems where low conductivity is required. Correct installation and pre-treatment is essential.

Electromagnetic Water Conditioners

EMCs have become very popular in recent times mainly because they add no chemicals to the supply many argue as to how effective they really are and we are still on the fence about EMCs . After trying many products we have settled on Hydrocon which have many advantages over their rivals, including straight line pipework is not required.


From borehole to duty/standby booster sets we stock pumps, pressure vessels, valves from market leading manufactures, including Wilo, Grundfos, Pedrolla and lowara.


We design dosing systems for antiscale, ph correction, chlorine and prescribed chemicals. A selection of dosing pump brands on offer include Prominent and Grundfos.

Monitoring & Telemetry

Knowing how your water treatment plant is running is vital for both efficiency and quality. All our system can be monitored and connected to in house BMS systems. Important parameters to be considered as part of a plant are chlorine levels, flow, ph, uv fault, supply levels and TDS.

Mobile Treatment Plants

Our mobile plants have been a huge success born from a need in the mining and exploration industry we have developed that can deal with all water sources. More information is available here

Managing Costs and Maintainance

We have a number of packages to manage costs from finance for equipment which saves having to use Capex, to where we can supply your water from onsite borehole install treatment for a fixed monthly fee this can be as little as 50% of current costs, we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Hydrotech.ie know that with high running costs of equipment that the last thing you need is poor quality water costing you thousands of euro. Because of the high cost of municipal water a lot of business owners are opting to using private supplies such as wells and rain water harvesting. These options save a lot of your money over time but it must be right from the initial setup.

Hydrotech provide detailed surveys and plans for all likely possibilities such as dry spells, power cuts, etc, so you always have quality water on demand. If you run any type of business we are here to advise you and outline all options available.

Some of our high profile clients include:

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