Having Water Problems?

Producing Drinking Water Using Reverse Osmosis Filters:

  • Although reverse osmosis seems like a complex system, it’s really a simple and straightforward water filtration process. High-pressure, pump driven reverse osmosis systems have been used for many years to desalinate (remove salt from) water, to convert brackish or sea water to drinking water.Reverse Osmosis Systems are effective at removing the following from your water supply:
  • Calcium, Radium, Sulphate, Magnesium, Potassium, Nitrate, Fluoride, Boron, Phosphorous, Salts, Certain Detergents, Some Pesticides, Volatile Organic Contaminants, Taste and Odour producing Chemicals

Water Softeners

Installing a water softener system will solve any water hardness problems in your home, which in turn will protect your plumbing and appliances from expensive and unnecessary repairs and damage.

Commonly referred to as lime, water hardness affects thousands of homes and businesses across Ireland. It is caused by calcium particles being picked up as the water travels through rocks. Lime sticks to appliances and pipes creating a hard white or brownish scale, reducing its lifespan and in extreme cases, causing pipes to leak, skin irritation, and a scum to appear on your tea/coffee.

An ion exchange hard water softener usually solves the problem. The size will depend on water hardness and water usage.

Soft water has lots of benefits:

Skin, hair & clothes are softer and cleaner

Cleaning products and detergent usage is reduced (by up to 55%)

Tea, coffee and other beverages tastes better

Appliances last longer and work more efficiently

Pipes and hot systems remain scale free reducing heating and maintenance costs

Water Filters

  • As a general rule, the use of hard water filters can easily rectify problems such as brown or discoloured water, strong odours and bad tasting water. Brown Water is common in Ireland and although it has no health risks it causes quite an inconvenience to any householder from issues with baths to laundry problems. Brown water is caused by increasing amounts of dissolved organic carbon in the water and varies from time to time throughout the year. A number of sources can cause taste and odour in drinking water. For example, the presence of Hydrogen Sulphide gas usually produces a rotten egg smell. Other reasons can involve micro-organisms, the contamination of water from chemicals, and some water treatment systems by substances leached from water pipes.
  • Types of water filters include Iron and Manganese Aeration Filters, Reverse Osmosis Units and UV Light Filters.If you are experiencing any of the above water problems contact the experts at Hydrotech for advice on which water filter system will best suit your home or business.We believe that not every water problem can be solved with the same standard water filter or hard water softener and we provide bespoke water solutions to suit your specific requirements.

Aeration Filters

Iron and Manganese Aeration Filters

  • Iron and Manganese Aeration FiltersThe presence of iron & manganese can cause reddish or brown stains on sanitary ware, clogging pipes and building up in storage tanks. Clothes never look as clean as they should – especially whites – and guidelines for drinking water state that water should not contain more than 200ug/ltr.Iron can be treated in many different ways,  most solutions involve oxidising (rusting) the water to make the filtration process easier. Individual cases will differ depending on iron levels, ph, dissolved oxygen, etc., requiring a water test to determine the correct solution.The aeration filter removes iron, manganese, sulphur, and corrects the pH to neutral (pH 7.0). The filter precipitates and oxidises the iron, manganese, and sulphur, and filters the minerals out of the water.Iron-free water tastes better, clothes and sanitary ware are cleaner, and time spent on housework is greatly reduced.

Ultra Violet (UV) Light Filters

A UV water purifier Steriliser system deals with most bacteria and is fitted at the water’s point of entry covering the whole house.

Water containing bacteria can cause serious illness especially in young children and the elderly. Bacteria cannot be seen by the naked eye so you may not be aware of its presence until it’s too late. ‘Boil Before Use’ alerts are common but can be missed, so for peace of mind, water bacteria removal is always the safest option.

  • Bacteria-free water is essential.
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